The Ethics, Professionalism, and Policy Program (EP3) is the ethics education curriculum created by the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy at Baylor College of Medicine. The goal of the EP3 program is to educate the medical community about biomedical ethics. The EP3 topics are issues most medical providers encounter regularly but many feel unequipped to handle. The EP3 program’s goal is to provide easily digestible and actionable recommendations and resources about these complicated topics.

Module 1: Social Determinants of Health and Cultural Competency
Module 2: Medical Errors
Module 3: Effective Communication and Conflict Management
Module 4: Ethical Problem Solving
Module 5: Professionalism in Practice
Module 6: Conflicts of Interest
Module 7: Clinical Decision Making
Module 8: Healthcare Economics
Module 9: Pediatrics Ethics
Module 10: Impaired Physicians
Module 11: Research Ethics
Module 12: Lifelong Learning
Module 13: Confidentiality and Social Media
Module 14: Navigating End of Life
Module 15: Implicit Bias and Personal Views
Module 16: Genetics