Titlesort descending Location Date
Pediatric Mental Health Care for Primary Care Providers Virtual 08/01/2023 to 07/31/2024
Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board Series (BCM-037-AY25) Baylor College of Medicine 07/03/2024 to 06/25/2025
Pediatric Neurocritical Care Education Series (BCM-175-AY25) Texas Children's Hospital 08/02/2024 to 06/27/2025
Pediatric Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Case Conference (BCM-039-AY25) Texas Children's Hospital 07/01/2023 to 06/30/2025
Pediatric Pulmonology, Pathology, and Radiology Case Conference (BCM-038-AY25) Texas Children's Hospital 07/09/2024 to 06/24/2025
Professionalism Support Series (BCM-013-AY25) Baylor College of Medicine 08/01/2024 to 06/26/2025
Safety-A Phase II - Scaffolded Trainings Virtual 05/03/2024 to 12/27/2024
Safety-A Training Phase II: Cohort 1 Virtual 02/01/2024 to 12/31/2024
SAFETY-A TRAINING PHASE II: COHORT 2 Virtual 02/01/2024 to 12/31/2024
Section of General Internal Medicine Series (BCM-004-AY25) Ben Taub General Hospital 07/03/2024 to 06/25/2025
SlicerDicer/i2b2 - SELF SERVICE DATA QUERY & ANALYTICAL TOOLS - 2024 Virtual 02/05/2024 to 03/31/2025
Team Up for Safe Sleep: Pediatricians, CFRT, and Communities Reducing SUID Together Virtual 06/01/2024 to 06/30/2025
Texas Children's Hospital Hematology and Coagulation Conference (BCM-047-AY25) Texas Children's Hospital 07/03/2024 to 06/25/2025
Texas Health Network CIN/ACO Value Based 01/15/2024 to 01/15/2025
The Dan L Duncan Comprehensive Cancer Center Thoracic Tumor Board (BCM-190-AY25) Baylor College of Medicine 07/01/2024 to 06/30/2025
United States Chagas Disease Providers’ Network Virtual Presentations (BCM-201-AY25) Baylor College of Medicine 08/02/2024 to 06/27/2025
Viral Hepatitis Clinic ECHO 2024 Virtual 01/15/2024 to 12/30/2024