Series date: 
06/01/2024 - 12:01am CDT to 06/30/2025 - 11:59pm CDT

Our webinar series is designed to address critical educational needs and bridge professional practice gaps among healthcare providers, researchers, and community advocates involved in child fatality review and SUID prevention. The series begins with "Getting Started with CFRT: Membership and the Review Process Explained," providing insights into the CFRT’s structure and membership process. Next, "Unlocking SUID Data: Navigating CDC Wonder and NCFRP" focuses on overcoming barriers to data access and utilization. "From Review to Research: Genetic and Environmental Insights" explores the  integration of review findings with research methodologies to uncover genetic and environmental factors in SUID cases. "Community Connections: Forming Effective Partnerships" highlights effective strategies for engaging community partners. "Empowering Communities: Launching Effective Interventions to Reduce SUID" shares innovative community interventions and funding strategies to improve SUID rates and data quality. Finally, "Comprehensive Prenatal Education: Improving Outcomes with New Strategies" addresses gaps in educational programs, particularly for fathers and high-risk mothers, and introduces new prevention tools. Each session is designed to equip participants with practical knowledge and strategies to improve outcomes and support their professional roles in SUID prevention and child fatality review.

Time and Location


Houston, Texas

Course Director

Savannah Lusk, PhD

Lisa Owens, DO

Target Audience and Needs

This training is for Primary care physicians, pediatricians, family doctors, OB-GYN, residents, fellows, nurses, PA, doulas, NICU nurses, NICU physicians

Educational Methods

Educational methods will include Lecture, Case Study, and Office hours available during the webinar series for hands-on training.


At the conclusion of the sessions, the participants should be able to:

  • TBD


Participants may be asked to complete a session evaluation.

Accreditation/Credit Designation



Kimberly Lopez, DrPH, MPH

Series location: 
Houston, TX
United States


Session Date
Disclosure forms for Team Up for Safe Sleep 05/21/2024 - 12:01am CDT to 05/31/2024 - 11:59pm CDT