Bobby Jones CSF Research Colloquium 2024

September 28, 2024


The conference research presentations provide an opportunity for physicians and healthcare professionals to enhance their knowledge, skills, and practices in the diagnosis and treatment of Chiari I malformation. Recent reviews, including those by the course director, David F. Bauer, MD, MPH, and colleagues, have revealed a considerable variation in the approaches to diagnosing and treating Chiari I malformation. There is a critical need for improved, evidence-based guidelines in this field, as highlighted by recent studies (Bauer DF et al., Neurosurgery 93(4):723-726, 2023; Pattisapu JV et al., Neurosurgery 93(4):731-735, 2023). The existing discrepancies in diagnosing and treating both typical and complex Chiari I malformation signify an incomplete understanding among physicians. Recent publications (Dolas I et al., Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown) Oct 9, 2023; Azarkar G et al., J Belg Soc Radiol 107(1):80, 2023) emphasize the need for comprehensive knowledge of the current considerations in managing Chiari I malformation, particularly in recognizing symptoms and clinical/radiographic findings that may indicate complex cases requiring alternative treatments. The identified gaps in clinicians' recognition of Chiari I malformation symptoms, as well as clinical and radiographic findings, as outlined by studies (Hiremath SB et al., AJNR 41(11):1975-1981, 2020; Clarke JE et al., World Neurosurgery 18:100173, 2023), highlighting the critical need for educational interventions to increase awareness and competence in addressing this medical condition.


Houston, Texas

Activity Director

David F. Bauer, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Surgery

Baylor College of Medicine

Target Audience

This activity is intended for physicians, psychologists, therapists, nurses, residents, other health professionals.

Educational Methods

Educational methods will include lectures.


At the conclusion of the sessions, the participants should be able to:

  • List risk factor for disease severity in patients for typical and complex Chiari I malformation. 
  • Identify clinical, laboratory and imaging studies that can be used to identify the severity of Chiari I malformation. 
  • Describe evidence-based therapies for treating Chiari I malformation, with or without syringomyelia, and complex Chiari I malformation.


Participants may be asked to complete a session evaluation.

Activity Coordinator 

Kaitlyn M Esposito, MPH

Director, Programs & Research

Bobby Jones Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation

Course summary
Course opens: 
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09/28/2024 - 8:00am CDT
Event ends: 
09/28/2024 - 4:00pm CDT
Houston, TX
United States
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